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An interview with an OA Home Ed Forest School Graduate.

Today we're going to interview Agnes. Agnes has been an Outdoor Adventurer at Hinton Home Ed Forest School since she left our Forest-Preschool at Hinton when she was 4. Agnes is 11 years old and is about to finish her time at Outdoor Adventurers this summer, ready to join Outdoor Explorers from September (our new 11 plus group).

How have you found your time at Outdoor Adventurers?

Oh, well, I can't really remember all of it, but what I can remember is that it was very good. I think it was very fun, and one of my favourite parts, is you basically get to spend the whole day outside and that's pretty cool.

What's your favourite thing about forest school?

Probably that you have all the space outside that you can just use and that I get to be outside for the whole day, that’s basically 6 hours of being outside.

If you were to show someone around the site, what would you show them first?

I’d start with the fire circle because that's where we always like to start our sessions and stuff, and then I probably walk up and around, so probably from the circle go to the mud kitchen and then the tool area. I would show them the climbing tree and zip wire. The fairy garden is by the zip wire so they could look at that. Then I would take them across the stream where we have the Archery and slackline.

What kind of things can you do in the tool area?

There are loads of cool resources that you can use there.

And in the woodwork area there's a lot that you can do with that. They've got tools like drills and Hammers and stuff or they've got pencils and a load of pens. They have lots of crafty bits. You can make bracelets, do weaving, whatever you want.

They also have nails, saws, knives and other stuff too.

There are different woods too that you can cut and use to make things.

What other activities have you enjoyed over the years?

I like going on walks in the bigger woods. I like pond dipping down at the lake. We sometimes go onto the field to play games and I like playing bulldog and stuck in the mud. Lunch is fun and I like different foods we have on the fire. There are two things that I like to cook, Bread and S’mores.

We go over to help out with the chickens and ducks at the preschool every half term.

I like that.

I probably like hanging out with my friends the most.

Have you made many friends at Forest School?

Yes loads. We get to play with our friends all day.

What advice would you give a new person starting Outdoor Adventurers?

That you don’t need to worry as there is lots to do. Also, everyone is really nice and they will include you with what they are doing.

Are you sad to be leaving?

Yes, but I’m really excited about the new older group.

Is there anything else you want to say about the forest school?

Well, nothing really, other than I really enjoyed it.

Thank you very much.

No problem bye.

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