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Outdoor Adventurers Home Ed

New Home Ed Forest School Sessions now running at The Cricket Camp, River Hamble Country Park on Mondays and Wednesdays. Email us to arrange a visit or start a trial. 

2 children painting painting forest school
out for a walk forest school

The popular Outdoor Adventurers Home Ed days run 5 days a week from the Hinton Admiral Estate where children will be able to engage with nature over acres of private woodland. And Mondays and Wednesdays form The Cricket Camp, River Hamble Country Park, Southampton. Outdoor Adventurers home ed sessions are solely for elective home educated children.


During your child's time with us they will be introduced to a range of bush craft tools including knives, saws, and drills to name a few. Our tool work area allows for children to develop their own creations to the specifications they see fit. 


The fire circle is the heart beat of our woodland. We gather round the circle to check in, this is a chance to share news, stories or items and see what is new within the woodland. At the end of the session its a place for reflection, a chance for children to say what they have enjoyed that day and what they might like to do the following week. Of course the fire circle is where we cook a range of foods as well, such as pizza, soup, nettle tea and or course marshmallows.  Our children are able to explore  different fire lighting techniques and learn how to build different types of camp fires. 

We love our explorations and being blessed with so much woodland and varying types of environments we are never short of somewhere new to explore. We often go on many walks for many different reasons, whether it be on a Poo hunt or to find the first signs of spring our adventures are not restricted to one small base. 

No Forest School is complete without a mud kitchen, and ours comes fully equipped. lots of pots and pans to make a range of creations from mud pies to the latest magical potion. 


Climbing is something we not only allow but encourage. The opportunities we have for this are endless. We have a number of trees and logs that the children can clamber over and climb up. We also have our special area called 'Monkey World' to help really hone those skills. We also have plenty of rope swings and a zipwire that goes across the stream. All of these areas help for a healthy strong child. 

We understand that there are some days that will be so wet or so cold, that some children will want a break from their adventures, we do have a bell tent and barn or hall we can retreat to if the weather is severe, depending on location.


At both sites, we are lucky enough to have access to a large water source, a large lake at Hinton and the River Hamble at Hamble, allowing us plenty of opportunity for pond dipping, discovering different plants, finding frogs and newts, crabbing, catching butterflies and dragonflies and more. Sometimes we take the opportunity to sit still and just observe.

As parents and carers, you will be able to follow your children’s adventures with our online observation system. We will take photos throughout the term of what the children have been up to and add them to their online journals.

Whole day-                         10.00-15.30         £30

At the OLC we understand the beauty of home education means that children can learn at their own pace. We are not an academic setting, though we do have a goal with the children we work with. We call this 'world ready'.

World Ready

Our aim at the Outdoor Adventurers Home ed sessions,  is to have children leave us with a thirst for learning, exploration and investigation. The self confidence to ask questions and challenge ideas. The social skills to make friends, work in groups and treat each other with respect. The problem-solving skills needed to help with different challenges that lay ahead. The self-regulation to control their own behaviour. The understanding of their own emotions and those that others may experience and a physical durability for any challenges that lay ahead. 

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